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Corporate Liability Insurance

Corporate Liability Insurance

In this day and age it is impossible to start a business if your investments are not properly insured. In commerce insurance is one factor you cannot do without.

The nature of commerce also means that insurance companies require a more thorough process for their clients before they can apply for their services. That is why it is important when applying for a commercial insurance policy to always bring a copy of your Chamber of Commerce registration, and a valid identification of the persons mentioned under the registry.

As a business owner you can be put liable for incidents that happen inside your commercial property. This insurance helps with cases like these. The premium that you pay for this coverage depends on the nature of your business. In order to determine the amount to be insured, you will have to hand in the annual salary of your business and the annual volume of merchandise sales.

Please note, every insurance company has their own policy, which may vary. And therefore the information we provide is liable to change depending on your current insurance policy.

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