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Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

Travel insurances insure that you spend your vacation without worries, making it more pleasurable for you. Whether your travel purpose is that of pleasure or business the travel insurance protects you from various mishaps that could occur during your travel.

The travel insurance covers a variety of mishaps that could occur while on vacation, for example:

• Lost, stolen or damaged baggage, personal effects or travel documents.

• Delayed baggage.

• Trip cancellation or delays.

• Death and overseas expenses.

• Medical expenses, as long as it wasn’t a pre-existing medical condition before travelling abroad.

We have to be aware that our A.Z.V. insurance does NOT cover any medical expenses you might incur while travelling abroad from Aruba.

It is important that whenever you suspect reimbursement can be made on damages, that you acquire a written declaration of the problem from the appropriate institution, whether it be police, hotel or airline company.

Travel insurance can be taken out on a daily basis or for an entire year. It is important to state your purpose of travel when taking out this insurance, whether it is for pleasure, business or a combination of both.

Certain insurance companies apply a certain deductible to certain risks, which vary according to company. Also some insurance companies have a precondition of you being a client of theirs in order to sell you the travel insurance they offer.

Please note, every insurance company has their own policy, which may vary. And therefore the information we provide is liable to change depending on your current insurance policy.

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