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Company Information

Seguros Geerman was founded on September 26, 1972 under the name of ‘Aseguros Jacobo Geerman’. On September 1976 the company changed its name to Seguros Geerman N.V. Our clients come from all corners of the island. Which was why we decided to open up a branch in San Nicolas on February 1981 to accommodate our clients on the southern side of the island.

The 26th of September 2012 Seguros Geerman N.V. will be marking our 40th year working in the insurance sector. During these 40 years we have experienced both the good and bad times within the Aruban community, like the closing of Lago in 1985. During these years we have collected a vast amount of experience and understanding of our clients and what they go through on a daily basis, which enables us to better help and represent our clients.

Many times we find ourselves asking why do we need insurance?

Insurance is nothing more but the security of being protected against any mishaps involving a certain risk that can take place in the future. The financial consequences of these mishaps can be quite dire and we can find ourselves unable to bear this financial burden. The insurance company takes over these financial obligations related to the damage caused to you in return for the premium paid for by the client. Insurances serve the community and in turn needs the community to do this. The main principle of insurance is one for all and all for one.

Seeing as the product we sell is a promise on a piece of paper, we expect our clients trust in us and from our end it is expected to offer honesty, transparency and integrity towards our clients as an insurance broker. That is why when a client comes through our doors our main priority is to offer them with the various possibilities on the market. This way our clients can choose an option that better fits their current situation. Currently we represent 11 insurance companies on Aruba.

Jacobo and Dolorita Geerman, Founders of Seguros Geerman N.V.

'Jacobo and Dolorita Geerman, Founders of Seguros Geerman N.V.'


Seguros Geerman N.V. aims to make Insurance into a familiar staple within the Aruban community. In order too not only bring a sense of security, but also providing responsibility towards our fellow neighbours within our community.


We believe insurance should not be sold as a commodity, anyone can sell a commodity. Instead our mission is to become skilled with products, offering transparency to our clients in order to ensure the best value is given to them and their investment. All our customers are valued and their trust in us is of the utmost importance. It is our duty to give impartial advice towards our customers and ensuring that they and their family are secured.

"Sigura Sigur"

- Jacobo Geerman