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Home Insurance

Home Insurance

Your house is a serious investment and provides your family with a sense of security. Building or purchasing a home is not something we do often and when we do it is an expensive investment. Home prices have skyrocketed these last couple of years, mainly due to the increase of material and labour costs. That is why it is important as a homeowner to have home insurance; it provides you with security when any unforeseen calamity happens by protecting your investment.

These calamities’ can range from:

• Fire

• Earthquake

• Lightning

• Hurricane or bad weather

• Vandalism

• Damage by vehicles

• Explosions

With a home insurance should such a calamity occur it ensures the homeowner that they will be compensated for any damage suffered to the house.

We also make changes to our home as time goes by; we build an extension, add a porch, build a garage or you might even start a home business. All of these changes have an impact on your home insurance. It is important not to forget to always notify your broker about changes made to your house and the use of the house in order to make sure that the amount insured and the description is correct. This ensures proper compensation can be made towards the value of your house.

As a homeowner it is advisable once a year to go over your home insurance policy to ensure that everything is as it should be and that your home insurance is suited for your current situation.

Please note, every insurance company has their own policy, which may vary. And therefore the information we provide is liable to change depending on your current insurance policy.

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