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Personal Accident Insurance

Personal Accident Insurance

A personal accident insurance covers you from any accident (violent, accidental, external and visible events) that might occur to you.

This insurance covers the following four risks:

1. Death.

2. Permanent Disablement.

3. Working disablement, no more than 365 days covered for each accident.

4. Medical expenses.

You can choose the amount you want to insure yourself with. This insurance takes in account your profession and your hobbies. Seeing as some of these have higher risks around them it might affect your premium.

In order to qualify for this insurance you will have to be registered at the Civil Registry Aruba. It is important to note also that this insurance has worldwide coverage.

Please note, every insurance company has their own policy, which may vary. And therefore the information we provide is liable to change depending on your current insurance policy.

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